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Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

The wellness programs at Back On Track are intended to support our patients who wish to continue exercising and sustain the progress that they have reached while in physical therapy. The Independent Pool Program, the Independent Gym Program, and aqua aerobics are several of our programs which are offered.

The Independent Pool Program is created for clients who have formerly completed a course of supervised aquatic therapy and who are now able to exercise in the pool independently without supervision of the therapist. Likewise, the Independent Gym Program is devised for clients who have been discharged from a land physical therapy program and have reached a level of independence with gym exercises. This enables the client to continue their exercise program at the rehabilitation clinic without the therapist's ongoing supervision.

Back On Track's Aqua Aerobics groups are run by a licensed therapist and are formulated for clients who want to continue their aerobic exercises in warm water. Along with the added enhancement of warm water, the aqua therapy classes provide the benefits of strengthening exercises, endurance, cardiovascular, and flexibility. The water provides a non-weightbearing environment, which is especially helpful to patients with chronic pain conditions, arthritis, poor balance, and those healthy individuals who just want to work out for the general health benefits.