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Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic injuries are generally unanticipated and sudden. They are usually caused by some kind of harmful impact or excessive force. At Back On Track we are fully qualified to rehabilitate these muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones (musculoskeletal system) that have been damaged. Physical therapy is a very useful tool for injury recovery. Our physical therapists will evaluate the cause of the injury, reduce the pain that the injury is causing, and find ways to prevent the injury from recurring. Our treatment regimen will include pain reduction, strengthening exercises, and improvement to flexibility and function. We will create a treatment plan designed to prevent re-injury.

At Back On Track our staff will utilize various treatment modalities which may include acupressure, aquatic or Burdenko therapy, craniosacral therapy, myofacial release and visceral mobilization therapy. Our therapists are also trained in assembling orthotics and assistive devices such as splints.