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Performing Arts Injuries

Performing Arts Injuries

The therapists at Back On Track have exceptional knowledge and experience in the treatment of performing arts injuries. Our physical therapy professionals have a wide range of treatments for dealing with musical and dance performance injuries. Our specialists understand the strenuous demands and rigorous workouts of our clients in the performing arts environment.

Performers, such as dancers and actors, are more predisposed to serious injury due to overuse and repetition. The therapeutic options that our therapists offer to deal with these injuries include whirlpool and plyometrics. Cryogenic whirlpool treatments are especially helpful in decreasing inflammation to the injured area.

String musicians, pianists, and wind players often suffer from cubital tunnel and carpal tunnel injuries. Back On Track's hand therapy specialists are extremely knowledgeable in identifying these cases and other similar nerve conditions and can often be very helpful in clarifying misdiagnoses. Our therapists are adept at making splints which are often used to assist in the healing process and provide against future occurences of the injury.

The physical therapists at Back on Track will assist singers and actors in their posture and breathing technique. Warmup and stretching exercises, cervical/thoracic alignment, and proper breathing mechanics - important elements of Alexander Technique - are essential to the development of healthy practices and preventing job-related injuries.