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Although work injuries occur often, many are avoidable through ergonomic assessments. Ergonomics is the science of workplace formation that fits the specific job to the employee by arranging or changing the workstation, work habits and tools. At Back On Track we perform work site evaluations and consultations. A safe, healthy work environment is an important part of promoting positive, safe, and healthy employees. Our consultants will appraise the working situtation to reduce the risk of workplace injuries especially keeping in mind neck and back issues and repetitive motion.

Our ergonomic assessors will generally begin with a question and answer period, during this time some basic questions about how much of the employee's day is spent performing the job function that is causing the problem (typing, lifting, pulling or pushing heavy objects) and any discomfort or soreness involved in the activity. After the evaluation our professionals at Back On Track will work with the employees to find more efficient ways to work without causing pain and stress.

When injuries happen, we will offer treatments that are designed to an individual to help restore a client’s potential to work and to experience a complete and rapid recovery of non-work interests.